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What Is the Best Lion's Mane Supplement | UK

by Hamza Jamal |

Lion's mane is one of the most popular nootropic supplements because it's 100% natural, safe, and holds extremely promising potential as a brain booster. But how do you go about picking one that's of decent quality? 

The source

Ideally, you want a product derived from the fruiting bodies of the lion's mane mushroom, where most of the beneficial compounds are concentrated. 

Some products use mycelium (mushroom "roots") or grain-grown biomass, but standardised fruiting body extracts are thought to be more potent and effective because they contain higher quantities of valuable compounds. 

The extraction process

Lion's mane extracts pack a much bigger nutritional punch than plain dried mushroom powders. Look for a hot water or alcohol extract, which helps maximise the extraction of vital bioactive compounds like hericenones and erinacines.

Top-notch extracts will also provide a concentration ratio of 10:1 or higher. This ratio indicates how much raw mushroom went into producing the final extract (e.g., 10 grams of mushroom for 1 gram of extract). vybey Lion's Mane is made from 100% 10:1 fruiting body extract – the most potent version you can get. 

Third-party testing

Testing for heavy metals, contaminants, and active compound levels is crucial to ensure you get a pure product. Independent lab verification provides peace of mind about what you get in each serving.

Most companies outsource verification to the factories producing the product, which makes sense to ensure testing occurs at the right time. 

Do your research before buying lion's mane to ensure adequate testing, and always consult your doctor if you are sensitive to fungi food groups. 

The reviews

Customer reviews provide vital social proof and insight into how the lion's mane performs for regular users outside controlled studies. 

When a lion's mane product has numerous positive reviews praising its benefits for focus, memory, mood and more, it lends credibility to the claims made about its nootropic and brain-boosting effects. Conversely, poor reviews citing a lack of results or side effects should raise red flags about that product's quality or formulation.

How vybey lion's mane mushroom stands out 

vybey Lion's Mane Mushroom extract checks all the boxes for a top-quality lion's mane supplement:

  •         Premium source: It's made from a concentrated 10:1 extract of certified organic lion's mane fruiting bodies, the most nutrient-dense part of the mushroom.
  •         Gentle extraction: The lion's mane is extracted using a specialised hot water process to preserve sensitive bioactive compounds.
  •         Clean product: It's free from fillers, flow agents, and other unnecessary additives. Just 100% natural lion's mane extract in powder or veggie capsule form.
  •         Simple dosing: One serving (1,500 mg or 3 capsules) provides a clinically relevant dose backed by research showing cognitive benefits.

You can choose between the powder for blending with smoothies, coffee, or tea or the quick convenience of plant-based capsules. Either way, you're getting a premium lion's mane formulation designed to fuel your brain's performance.

The source of lion's mane's power

The hericenones and erinacines in lion's mane stimulate Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) production in the brain, promoting the growth of new neurons and protecting existing ones from oxidative stress [1].

Scientists say these neurotrophic effects could translate to real-world cognitive benefits, such as improved memory, faster processing speed, and enhanced focus and concentration [2]. 

Some intriguing evidence even suggests lion's mane may help reduce feelings of anxiety and depression in healthy adults [3].

We must also consider lion's mane's promising immunomodulatory effects on gut bacteria and regulating inflammatory pathways [4]. The protein HEP3 alleviates gut inflammation in animal models of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

With such an impressive array of potential upsides, it's easy to see why lion's mane is a prized functional mushroom for brain health and whole-body well-being.

vybey lion's mane reigns supreme 

There's no shortage of reasons to add the "mushroom of cognition" to your daily supplement regimen. Lion's mane is a unique natural nootropic with real promise for boosting memory, focus, mood, and overall neurological health.

Of course, quality is paramount when it comes to mushroom extracts. You want to get a legitimately potent and pure source of those all-important hericenones and erinacines. Anything less could fail to deliver the full cognitive, immune, and neuroprotective benefits that make lion's mane unique.

vybey Lion's Mane Mushroom represents the gold standard for this revered superfood mushroom, utilising meticulous extraction and extensive third-party testing. 

With vybey, you get a 10:1 extract packing a concentrated punch of brain-boosting power into each convenient serving – no other lion's mane product offers 100% purity with no fillers or bulking agents to pad it out. 

Nootropic coffee drinks

Another convenient way to get your daily dose of lion's mane is the nootropic coffee drink vybey Braincare Smart Focus.

Braincare Smart Focus contains 750 mg of lion's mane per serving alongside additional nootropic and nutritional ingredients:

  •         Chaga mushroom. 
  •         Cordyceps mushroom. 
  •         Reishi mushroom. 
  •         Maca root. 
  •         Cinnamon bark powder. 
  •         Vitamin B complex. 
  •         Natural caffeine. 
  •       L-theanine (cocoa flavour only).

The idea behind Braincare Smart Focus is to replace your regular coffee with something that packs nutrition into your caffeine hit for more positive effects.

You can replace one to two coffees daily with Braincare Smart Focus to benefit from the nootropic qualities of lion's mane and other fungi. 

Imagine improving your short-term concentration, focus, and energy levels while fuelling your body with nutritional ingredients that assist with long-term cognitive enhancement – that's what you get with Braincare Smart Focus. 

Summing up 

The best lion's mane supplements are 100% pure and made from a fruiting body extract, with a 10:1 extract being the golden standard. 

vybey lion's mane is a perfect example of such a product, with hundreds of happy users backing up its potential to improve cognitive abilities.

Lion's mane is so beneficial to human health that we've included it in our Complete Meal Powder and nootropic coffee drink Braincare Smart Focus – these offer alternative ways to enjoy lion’s mane’s nootropic qualities.  

Try our products with a starter pack to see if they are right for you. 


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