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How Long Does Lion's Mane Take to Work | UK

by Hamza Jamal |

Lion's mane is an edible mushroom with nootropic qualities that can improve human thinking, learning, and memory, with initial positive effects kicking in anywhere from one to four weeks after the initial dose. 

It takes time for the compounds in the lion's mane to build up to usable levels in the body, much like multivitamins correcting a deficiency. 

The not-so-secret trick is to take lion's mane consistently and expose your body to the good stuff like hericenones and erinacines (two compounds that can stimulate the growth of brain cells, perfectly preserved in lion's mane extract). 

Here's a timeline of what to expect:

Day 1

Expect no immediate effects – lion's mane isn't a drug that works instantly. However, some people do report that lion's mane helps them from day one. This could be due to the placebo effect, but regardless, it can still result in increased focus for those individuals.

Week 1

By the end of week one, you might feel more focused and productive, although these effects could be attributable to other lifestyle factors.

Week 2

Most people will have a clearer head after two weeks of lion's mane, especially when brain fog and poor memory were the orders of the day.

30 days 

After one month, the compounds in lion's mane will be at around 70% strength in your body, so some of the effects at this stage should be obvious:

  •         Clearer head. 
  •         More sleep. 
  •         Better memory. 
  •         Faster problem-solving. 

2-3 months 

At this stage, you'll have 100% efficacy from the lion's mane, meaning the positive effects will be your new "normal" – you should be less anxious, deal with stress better, and have a sharper mind to go about your day. 

What studies say

A few decent studies are looking into the efficacy of lion's mane – the best one coming from researcher Koichiro Mori [1] with a placebo:

The cognitive function scores in the Yamabushitake group increased progressively over the 16-week supplementation period, with significant improvements seen at weeks 8, 12 and 16 compared to placebo.

At the 4-week follow-up after stopping supplementation (week 20), the scores in the Yamabushitake group decreased significantly compared to week 16, suggesting that continuation in dosing is necessary for sustained effects. 

Plateaus and effect drop-offs

Some people find the positive effects of lion's mane wearing off or plateauing after a few months. Frustrating as it is, it's perfectly normal as your body gets used to lion's mane and no longer triggers a meaningful response to it. 

The solution is simple – stop taking lion's mane for 3 weeks and then jump back on it for another few months: the 3-week detox will clear the way for an influx of fresh lion's mane, giving your body a fresh desire to use it. 

Note that this is the exception, not the rule – some people don't experience a drop-off and continue consuming lion's mane happily every day for months. 

Like most natural nootropics, lion's mane is 100% safe to consume daily, provided that you follow the maximum dosing instructions.

How to take lion's mane

Lion's mane is best in an extract form with vybey Lion's Mane Mushroom powder. It mixes into any liquid – beautifully in smoothies – and can bulk out protein shakes and greens powders like vybey Braincare Smart Greens

Another option is vybey Lion's Mane Mushroom capsules – you can swallow these with your morning coffee and forget about it.  

Alternatively, vybey Complete Meal Powder contains 450mg of lion's mane per serving and can replace your breakfast, lunch, or dinner

The raw form of lion's mane—the mushroom—isn't as effective as the extract and isn't very easy to find. Our products are the best way

Lion's mane benefits

So, lion's mane only takes a month or so to work correctly, and it's devilishly easy to consume with Vybey's product range. But what are the benefits?

Better sleep

Multiple studies have shown that lion’s mane could help you sleep, although precisely how it works remains a mystery. 

One study [2] found that sleep disorders decreased by 34.4% after the 8-week supplementation compared to baseline, and this improvement persisted even after a 2-month washout period, with sleep disorders remaining 39.1% lower than baseline values.

Sleep is necessary for our survival, and better sleep can help you lose weight, making lion's mane a must-have in your nutrition arsenal. 

Enhances immunity 

Lion's mane contains a protein called HEP3 [3] that the gut metabolises as an anti-inflammatory aid for cell cultures. It reduces pro-inflammatory nasties like TNF-α, IL-1β, and IL-6, which can cause bowel disease. 

Reduces stress and anxiety

The bioactive compounds in lion's mane are known to modulate stress, anxiety, and depression in adults [4]. Animal studies have shown that lion's mane restores the mood-regulating hormones serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine.

 Enhanced cognitive function 

Cognitive testing after the lion's mane supplementation found that 60 minutes after administering the first lion's mane dose, the test subject performed faster on the Stroop task after the single dose [5].

Another study [1] found that 16 weeks of supplementation with lion's mane mushroom powder (Yamabushitake/Hericium Erinaceus) significantly improved scores on a cognitive function scale in adults with mild cognitive impairment, compared to placebo.

Should you start taking lion's mane? 

Lion's mane has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries and is one of the safest natural nootropics. Adverse side effects are minimal, with mild observations in only a handful of studies [6, 7]. 

People looking to enhance their cognitive function beyond multivitamins and greens powders should consider lion's mane supplementation – it's worth a go, especially if you have brain fog and stress. 

Summing up 

Lion's mane starts working one to two weeks after first dosing, but the effects build and reach their peak after a few months. 

Months 2-3 are when lion's mane has the most positive effect on cognitive ability, sleep, and immunity. Stick with it, and you'll do well. 

Our lion's mane extract is 100% natural and vegan, and the capsule is made from plant based cellulose HPMC. Three capsules equal one serving (1,500 mg each), and you can lower the dosage if you want to ease into it.


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