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vybey Meal Powder Shaker 700ml
vybey Meal Powder Shaker 700ml
vybey Meal Powder Shaker 700ml
vybey Meal Powder Shaker 700ml

vybey Meal Powder Shaker 700ml

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These fantastic new vybey shakers are provided FREE with every customer's first 1.5kg subsription order.

Our vybey shakers are 700ml in size, providing the perfect shaker for either 1 or 2 scoops of tasty vybey complete meal powder or any other cold drink you desire.

Each vybey shaker comes with the following features:

- An internal mixing gauze to provide a smooth, lump free shake;
- A leak-proof, screw-top lid;
- BPA free.


Complete nutrition is a click away. Say yes to less shopping, cooking and cleaning.


Improve your diet with a complete meal. We're proud to say vybey is also low in sugar.


Great value for complete nutrition. Our subscription option allows you to save even more.

100% Natural Flavours and Natural Sweeteners

Our vybey flavours and sweeteners come from 100% natural sources! You can be assured at vybey that none of our products contain artificial ingredients.

What we consume is so important for our overall wellbeing and affects all parts of our life. We take this very seriously at vybey.

vybey ingredients - flaxseed, corn, coconut, oats, brown rice and pea protein

Sustainable and Organic Ingredients

We've opted for some great sustainable ingredients including oats, flax seed (organic), pea protein, brown rice protein (organic), coconut flour (organic) and corn fibre.

We want to supply our vybers with premium ingredients while maintaining an affordable option.

Read more about our ingredients in the drop down sections above.

Designed by food scientists, nutritionists, doctors and athletes!

During the birth of vybey powder, we knew it was time to call in the big guns to help us with a recipe that would set the new standard for complete nutrition.

We've combined complete nutrition with premium brain and gut health ingredients - ensuring all vybers are kept healthy, can save time to do what they love most and have that extra 1% edge to achieve their goals.

Fuel your ambitions

vybey can assist with ALL types of lifestyle targets. Whether you want to lose, gain or maintain weight, vybey has you covered!

The beauty of vybey is that you're in the driving seat - you decide when and how many scoops you have.

It's that simple!

vybey Meal Powder Shaker 700ml

vybey Meal Powder Shaker 700ml


Any further questions?

Just in case you need more help!

  • What is vybey made from?

    vybey powder is made from real food including: oats, pea protein (plant based only), milk and whey protein (dairy based only), rice, organic flax seeds, coconut oil, organic coconut flour, organic cocoa (plant based only), corn and a balanced mix of 26 vitamins & minerals.

  • How many meals and calories are in vybey?

    vybey comes in a 1.5kg pouches which equates to either:
    - 30 meals for 50g serves (1 scoop, ~200kcals). We'd say this is a small meal; or
    - 15 meals for 100g serves (2 scoop, ~400kcals). We'd recommend this as one standard sized meal.

    Our sample packs come in 100g pouches. Eg for the 1kg Mixed Pack you will receive a total of 5 x 100g of dairy vanilla & 5 x 100g of plant based chocolate caramel. This equates to either:
    - 20 meals for 50g serves (1 scoop, ~200kcals); or 
    - 10 meals for 100g serves (2 scoop, ~400kcals).  

    That's the beauty of vybey - you decide how much you want to consume based on your schedule and goals.

  • Can I use vybey to lose or gain weight?

    Yes, absolutely!

    Depending on your goals, you can consume as much or as little as you want per meal.

    If you have any questions on this please reach out to our team -

    We'd love to help you towards your goals with vybey!

  • When should I use my vybey?

    It can be used for breakfast, lunch or your evening meal depending on your schedule!

    It really can be used as a complete meal replacement.

  • How do I make my vybey?

    Serving size: 100g (2 scoops) ~400kcals

    Mix 100g with 500-700ml of cold water and mix well in shaker or blender. If using a shaker, shake hard for 10 seconds.

    Serving size: 50g (1 scoop) ~200kcals

    Mix 50g with 250-350ml of cold water and mix well in shaker or blender. If using a shaker, shake hard for 10 seconds.

    If you're wanting an even better taste experience, why not add your choice of dairy or non-dairy milk.

  • How long will vybey fill me up for?

    It comes down to how much you normally consume, but we'd say vybey will keep you full for 3-4 hours. We've got your back!

  • Is my vybey pouch recyclable?

    Yes, our vybey powder pouches are 100% recyclable.

    This is a key part of our sustainability mission.

  • What is the price of my vybey?

    Well, it depends on how many tasty pouches you buy! Buying in bulk provides the best discounts:

    Sample Packs 500g (5x100g) - up to 10 meals - from £2.00 per meal
    Sample Packs 1kg (10x100g) - up to 20 meals - from £1.50 per meal
    1 Pack - 1.5kg - up to 30 meals - from £1.17 per meal
    2 Pack - 3kg - up to 60 meals - from £0.92 per meal
    3 Pack - 4.5kg - up to 90 meals - from £0.91 per meal
    4 Pack - 6kg - up to 120 meals - from £0.87 per meal
    5 Pack - 7.5kg - up to 150 meals - from £0.86 per meal
    6 Pack - 9kg - up to 180 meals - from £0.84 per meal

  • Is vybey suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

    Plant based chocolate: we're proud to say vegan friendly!

    Dairy vanilla: vegetarian friendly.

  • What about allergens?

    Smooth dairy vanilla: dairy and gluten.

    Plant Chocolate: gluten.

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Perfect to make the shakes

Danny V.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Easy !

Does the job!

Shreya S.
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Amazing shaker! It makes my morning vybey meal so much more easier! I carry it everywhere.

Gordon B.
Netherlands Netherlands

Good shaker