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The Best Alternative to Spacegoods | UK

by Hamza Jamal |

Spacegoods produces the nootropic coffee alternatives Rainbow Dust and Astro Dust powered by fungi and root extracts.

These are two of the best nootropic coffees available, but there are plenty of alternatives that contain even more active ingredients.

Our offering is vybey Braincare Smart Focus, which contains more fungus types and B vitamins, while Spacegoods has more herbs.

For example, while Spacegoods contains lion's mane, Chaga, and cordyceps mushrooms, vybey adds Reishi mushroom. And while Spacegoods only contains Vitamin B5, vybey has all essential B vitamins, plus choline for absorption.

We don't claim that vybey is a superior product to Spacegoods, but we can say that it has more ingredients for people wanting to target brain health.  

An ingredient breakdown

The Best Alternative to Spacegoods

vybey Braincare Smart Focus:


  •         750mg of lion's mane
  •         750mg of chaga
  •         750mg of cordyceps
  •         300mg of Reishi mushroom

Herbs and roots

  •         None


  •         Choline
  •         Vitamin B Complex – B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, and B12

Amino acids

Roots and herbs

  •         Peruvian maca root extract 5:1
  •         Turmeric root powder
  •         Cinnamon bark powder


  •         Cacao (Cacao flavour)
  •         Matcha green tea (Matcha flavour)

These ingredients tell us that vybey Braincare Smart Focus offers more fungal variety than Spacegoods, albeit at lower doses for lion's mane, chaga, and cordyceps (note that 750 mg is the test dosage for most clinical studies). 

Including the Vitamin B Complex changes the game entirely, giving you over 100% of your NRV for these essential vitamins from one serving.

L-theanine is another exciting ingredient in the Matcha flavour of Braincare Smart Focus. It can help with ADHD, with a 2011 study showing that it enhances alpha brain wave activity, a pattern associated with increased focus and concentration.

So, how does that profile compare to Spacegoods?

Rainbow Dust per 8g serving:


  •         1,000 mg of lion's mane
  •         1,000 mg of cordyceps
  •         1,000mg of chaga

Herbs and roots

  •         200mg of ashwagandha
  •         250mg of maca root
  •         25mg Rhodiola Rosea


  •         B5


  •         Cocoa powder
  •         Coffee extract

The product is vegan, keto, gluten, and dairy-free.

Rainbow Dust combines fungi and root-based nootropics to deliver overall health benefits for the body, with a weight towards fungi.

Ashwagandha, maca root, and Rhodiola rosea are unique ingredients with antioxidants that target free radicals. Braincare Smart Focus doesn't offer these ingredients, so if you absolutely must have them, Spacegoods is more suitable.

Astro dust per 8g serving:


  •         1,000mg of maitake mushroom
  •         1,000mg of tremella mushroom
  •         1,000mg of Reishi mushroom

Herbs and roots

  •         500mg of ashwagandha
  •         150mg of jujube
  •         150mg of passionflower
  •         100mg of chamomile

Amino acids

  •         3,000mg of L-glycine
  •         220mg of L-tryptophan


  •         220g magnesium

These ingredients make Astro Dust a functional supplement for supporting overall health and well-being with promising effects on stress resilience, sleep quality, and potentially cognitive function or mood.

Maitake, Tremella, and Reishi mushrooms are adaptogenic mushrooms that help the body adapt to stress, support immune function, and provide antioxidant benefits.

The vybey difference

The Best Alternative to Spacegoods

vybey Braincare Smart Focus is the ONLY product that combines a single product of lion's mane, chaga, cordyceps, and Reishi mushrooms.

It is also the only coffee alternative with L-theanine – which complements and enhances caffeine – and a B vitamin complex.

Spacegoods products contain herbs and flower extracts, which offer different health benefits, but vybey has a clear focus—boosting your brain.

What do these nootropics do?

It's all good talking about the lion's mane and L-theanine, but what do they do? And is there any point in taking them?

A rundown:

Here's a summary of how the key ingredients in vybey Braincare Smart Focus and the Spacegoods products compare and what they can do:

Lion's Mane

Promotes nerve growth and repair, supporting cognitive function and potentially neuroprotection. It is found in both vybey Braincare Smart Focus (750mg) and Spacegoods Rainbow Dust (1,000mg).


Potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties that may support overall health. Found in in vybey Braincare Smart Focus (750mg) and Spacegoods Rainbow Dust (1,000mg).


Adaptogenic, supports energy levels, endurance, and potentially sexual function. Included in vybey Braincare Smart Focus (750mg) and Spacegoods Rainbow Dust (1,000mg).


Adaptogenic, supports immune function and stress resilience. Only found in the vybey Braincare Smart Focus formula (300mg) and Spacegoods Astro Dust (1,000mg).


L-Theanine is an amino acid that enhances relaxation and focus by boosting alpha brain wave activity, especially when paired with caffeine. 

Found in both our Vybey Braincare Smart Focus Matcha and cacao flavours, it ensures a smooth and sustained caffeine experience. Unlike Spacegoods' Rainbow Dust, which lacks L-Theanine and may cause a harder crash, Vybey offers a balanced energy boost without the unwanted drop in energy. Choose Vybey for a consistent and crash-free focus.

Maca root

Has bioactive compounds like glucosinolates, alkaloids, and polyphenols that contribute to brain health with relevant effects.

Cocoa powder

Rich in antioxidant polyphenols and flavanols that detoxify your blood. Found in the cacao flavour of vybey and Spacegoods Rainbow Dust.

Natural caffeine

Stimulates the brain and enhances energy and focus. Found in vybey (34-40mg per 8g) and Spacegoods (undisclosed amount).

So, what is the best mushroom drink on the market?

Spacegoods Astro Dust and vybey Braincare Smart Focus are the best mushroom drinks but target different health effects.

vybey combines lion's mane, chaga, cordyceps, and Reishi mushroom with a B vitamin complex, choline, and L-theanine, each proven to boost cognitive function, making it the best mushroom drink for brain health.

Astro Dust doesn't have Reishi mushroom, B vitamin complex, or L-theanine, but it does have herbs and plant extracts that vybey doesn't, such as Rhodiola rosea. It's more for overall health rather than as a brain booster.

Summing up

The Best Alternative to Spacegoods

If you want a nootropic coffee that enhances mental clarity and reduces brain fog, vybey is the best drink on the market. But if you want a wider range of herbs that improve overall health, Spacegoods will do you fine.

vybey also makes Braincare Smart Greens – a vegetable and fruit supplement with way more healthy ingredients than Spacegoods.

We're talking a super fruit blend with acai and goji berries, alfalfa, spirulina, chlorella, algal omega-3 powder, maca root, and many more ingredients, plus you can combine Smart Greens with Smart Focus for the best of both.

Grab a vybey starter pack to try all our fantastic products and save a massive 54% versus buying them separately.