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vybey can help you with ALL weight loss nutritional goals

Whether you want to lose weight fast or steadily drop the pounds, vybey has you covered!

The beauty of vybey is that you're in charge - you decide when and how many sccops you have.

vybey is real food

Unlike your typical meal replacments or protein shakes, vybey is real food! We opted for some great sustainable ingredients including oats, flax seed (organic), pea protein, brown rice protein (organic), coconut flour (organic) and faba bean protein.

The problem with other weight loss meal shakes on the Australian market is that they do not contain enough macronutritients (protein, carbs & fats) to be considered adequate meals. This results in a weight increase rebound effect when the 'diet' stops. vybey on the other hand is considered a complete meal and reduces this effect taking place - we have you covered.

But does this come at a high cost we hear you say? Asbolutley not, we want to supply our vybers with premium ingredients while maintaining an affordable price. From as little as $2.49 per meal, we'd say vybey is very affordable.

Trusted by Doctors and Nutritionists

During the birth of vybey powder, we knew it was time to call in the big guns to help us with a recipe that would set the new standard for complete nutrition.

We've combined complete nutrition with premium brain and gut health ingredients - ensuring all vybers are kept healthy, can save time to do what they love most and have that extra 1% edge to achieve their goals.

vybey starter packs

Not sure what to go for but want to give vybey a go? The starter pack is the perfect way to kick off your vybey weight loss journey. 

Choose your desired flavour combination and receive a vybey shaker and scoop!

Once you have decided what flavour you prefer, sign up to our subscription service where your vybey is automatically delivered on your schedule. You'll receive 10% off every order!

No obligation, modify or cancel your subscription anytime.

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