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Why vybey Is Better Than Huel in the UK

by Hamza Jamal |

vybey and Huel produce competing meal replacement powders that are nutritionally complete with excellent macros. Both are safe and healthy meal substitutes, although their ingredients and recipes differ.

Which is better depends on your preferences for macros, texture, taste, and cost—there really isn't a better product for everyone.

You'll have to sample both products to decide which is best, but we can at least provide some colour on their recipes and ingredients to help you figure out which one suits your requirements on paper.

What is Huel?

Huel Powder is a complete meal powder with a 37:30:30:3 (carbohydrate, protein, fat, fibre) macro split and all 26 essential vitamins and minerals.

A macro ratio of 37% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat is pretty close to what dietary guidelines recommend for optimal nutrition from regular meals. For reference, the USDA's MyPlate guidelines suggest:

  •         45-65% of calories from carbs (complex carbs like grains, fruits, veggies).
  •         10-35% of calories from protein (lean meats, eggs, legumes).
  •         20-35% of calories from healthy fats (nuts, seeds, oils, avocados).

This tells us that Huel is modelled on the macronutrient composition of a nutritious meal containing carb sources like grains and starchy veggies, clean proteins like lean meats or plant-based sources, and healthy fats. Huel, like vybey, is more than a protein shake.

It's worth noting though that Huel uses processed ingredients and synthetic vitamins in addition to whole food sources – meaning it is not a natural product.

So what?

Huel resembles a healthy, portion-controlled meal without any excess calories from fat or carbs—perfect for calorie control—but it doesn't use all-natural ingredients. A perfect example is the sweetener sucralose, which you can only avoid by choosing the Unflavoured and unsweetened versions.

What is vybey?

vybey Complete Meal Powder is a 100% natural meal replacement shake with no artificial sweeteners, fillers, or ingredients.

vybey contains wholefoods and extracts to provide a nutritionally complete meal replacement, and in this sense, it resembles a plate of wholefoods without any processing:

  •         Pea Protein (Plant based option) / Whey Protein (dairy based option): High-quality, complete protein sources that support muscle synthesis and healthy metabolism.
  •         Oat Flour: Provides energising complex carbs and soluble fibre for stable blood sugar.
  •         Flaxseed/Coconut Flour: Offer healthy fats, fibre, and essential nutrients like omega-3s.
  •         Lion's Mane Mushroom: Celebrated nootropic with compounds that may boost brain function and neuron growth.
  •         Bacillus Coagulans: A probiotic strain for a healthy gut microbiome and digestion.
  •         Stevia/Monk Fruit: All-natural, zero-calorie sweeteners without artificial aftertaste or blood sugar impact.
  •         Vitamin/Mineral Premix: Fortified with 20-30% essential micronutrients for complete, balanced nutrition.

vybey delivers these with 29g of high-quality protein, 41g of complex carbs from oats, and 9.9g of healthy fats - for balanced nutrition to keep you satisfied.

Additionally, vybey contains the nootropic lion's mane, which promises cognitive and brain benefits—lion's mane could help you sleep, feel less anxious, combat sickness, have more energy, and concentrate better. Huel offers no such ingredient.

While Huel delivers nutrition with artificial ingredients, vybey goes above and beyond as a nutritious, functional, and truly delicious meal replacement thanks to extensive taste testing and natural flavourings like cocoa powder and coconut.

So what?

100% natural and exciting ingredients like lion's mane mushroom make vybey Complete Meal Powder more interesting than Huel. It can nourish your body, boost your brain, and provide a welcome hit of extra energy.

vybey also makes Braincare Smart Greens an alternative to Huel Daily Greens with a better ingredient profile for brain function.

vybey vs Huel Flavour

Huel comes in ten flavours, including the unflavoured version, while vybey only comes in two. So, Huel is the clear winner for flavour choice. But what about taste?

Huel is generally considered a 'passable' meal replacement shake. Some people find it too sweet, while others find it leaves a nasty aftertaste—these are relatively common complaints, and you can find them in the reviews.

vybey takes a quality-over-quantity approach, with chocolate caramel and vanilla flavours built from natural ingredients like cocoa powder, coconut, and plant-derived flavour extracts.

We have less than 1 in 100 complaints of bad aftertastes or over sweetness (or a lack of) with vybey Complete Meal Powder.

vybey vs Huel Texture

A gritty texture can leave you retching and reaching for a glass of water even when the flavour's right in a meal replacement shake.

Huel and vybey both have an enjoyable texture, but Huel is gritter and lumpier with the same amount of water. Vybey Complete Meal Powder breaks down more efficiently in a shaker, requiring no blender to eliminate the lumps.

Some people find that Huel is a chore to drink because it leaves so much grittiness – vybey is a smoother, palatable meal replacement.

vybey vs Huel Nutrition

Huel and vybey are nutritionally complete meal replacement shakes that balance macros and essential vitamins and minerals.

Here's how they compare per 100g serving:

  •         Protein: Huel 30g, vybey 29g.
  •         Fibre: Huel 8g, vybey 9g.
  •         Carbs: Huel 39g, vybey 41.2g.
  •         Sugars: Huel 1.2g, vybey 1.9g.
  •         Fat: Huel 12g, vybey 9.9g.
  •         Saturates: Huel 2.5g, vybey 5.1g.
  •         Calories: Huel 400 kcal, vybey 390 kcal.

If we're splitting hairs, vybey is lower in fat than Huel and less calorie-dense, albeit with marginally less protein and more carbs.

The verdict: both have a great nutritional profile.

vybey vs Huel Price

Huel doesn't allow single-purchase orders without a subscription because it wants to control your purchasing behaviour. It subscribes to the illusion of making your life easier while limiting your choices.

vybey offers a subscribe and save option, but it is completely optional – you can purchase all vybey products separately and give them a whirl.

The cost per 100g of vybey is £1.67, while Huel costs £1.60. Although vybey is slightly more expensive, it offers additional nutritional benefits. With vybey, you get 8g of fibre, 26 vitamins and minerals, nootropics like lion's mane, and lower sodium content (337 mg compared to 710mg in Huel). Moreover, vybey uses natural sweeteners, which might be preferable to some consumers.

Summing Up

vybey is better than Huel in several ways:

  •         It uses 100% natural ingredients.
  •         It offers vegan and vegetarian flavours.
  •         It contains the powerful nootropic lion's mane.
  •         There's no subscription requirement.
  •         It mixes more easily.
  •         It tastes better with less grittiness.
  •         It works out cheaper per meal.
  •         It has a slightly lower calorie intake per serving.

Of course, Huel has some advantages of its own:

  •         It's a better-known brand.
  •         It offers more flavour options.
  •         Huel products also include bars and ready meals.

If we drill down into a basic question – what's the best meal replacement shake for most people – then vybey comes out on top. 

Huel can't beat vybey's mixability, great taste, or purchasing flexibility. 

Grab a Starter Bundle and give it a go.