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A Meal Replacement That Is Not Your Typical Meal Replacement

by vybey |

Meal Replacement Shake?

Hearing the phrase ‘meal replacement shake’ automatically sets off alarm bells for some. The majority of the population have perceptions of an overpriced drink being loaded with sugar, filled with unwanted artificial flavourings and extremely low in carbs, resulting in an ‘empty’, tasteless product. This may be the case in your typical meal replacement drink. However, vybey is far from typical.  

A typical meal replacement shake is normally associated as being a quick weight loss hack, for that desired ‘beach body’, designed to be a substitute for solid food. The idea behind them is that they are a quick and simple way to consume low calories and lose weight without having to cook or put much thought into it. However, this concept of them being convenient often masks the fact that they are extremely high in sugar and deprived of fibre, healthy fats and complex carbs, all key components to a healthy and balanced diet.  

Meet vybey's Meal Replacement Shake

vybey, on the other hand, meets all the desired criteria. It is convenient, affordable and rich in nutrients – a complete meal in a bottle. As vybey is consumed as a liquid, some people may find this strange to be considered a meal. However, they would class soup as food, right? If we’re getting technical, one definition for food is “any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink or that plants absorb in order to maintain life and growth.”1. Now vybey certainly fits that definition!  You should consider vybey as you would any other meal. You wouldn’t have fajitas for every single meal (we hope!), so you shouldn’t be having vybey every mealtime either. vybey is designed to be worked into a balanced diet, not completely replace it.  

As opposed to the simple carbohydrates that are added to the classic meal replacement drink, vybey is packed with complex carbs. Complex carbs have longer chains of sugar molecules than simple carbs. Those sugar molecules are converted to glucose, which the body uses as an energy source.  These longer chains take lengthier periods of time to be broken down, which slowly releases sustained energy2. This results in the body being provided with more lasting energy compared to how it would after having simple carbs. It is also common that the typical meal replacement shake is very low in calories – some as low as 200cals per bottle – which at first could look appealing. However, in the long run this is not sustainable. vybey has 370-400cals per bottle, which allows the consumer to feel fuller for longer and be left extremely satisfied after drinking.  

vybey is made with milk protein concentrate, that contains 85% protein – also known as milk protein isolate. Of this 85%, 80% consists of casein, known as the slow releasing component of milk protein3. This also aids in keeping you fuller for longer, which is one of the key benefits vybey has to offer. The remaining protein is whey protein. Whey protein is promptly digested, resulting in a spike in amino acids in the blood, which then gets transported to your muscle cells, aiding recovery and creating new muscle tissue4

So why don’t I just have a protein shake? Despite the fact protein shakes are complete protein sources – they are made up of all nine of the fundamental amino acids needed by the body – they don’t provide the body with any of the other essential nutrients. They lack adequate amounts of carbohydrates, fibre, fats and vitamins & minerals, which are all just as important as protein. A major difference between vybey and a protein shake is the fact vybey contains 26 vitamins & minerals, providing you with up to 50% of your essential recommended daily intake in just one serving! 

vybey’s sugar content is 100% naturally occurring, with no added sugar. The sugar content per serving of vybey is low at 1.8g & 2.6g per 100ml, flavour dependent, compared to other meal replacement drinks, which can be higher than 15g per serving! There could be a misconception that the low sugar content results in vybey being tasteless and unsatisfying. This could not be further from the truth. vybey is bursting with flavour and is deliciously tasty, adding up to all expectations you would expect in a full meal, except this time, it’s in a bottle.  

Food For The Modern-Day Lifestyle

The modern-day lifestyle can be extremely fast-paced with a lot of demands being asked of us on a daily basis. Our time is extremely valuable and there is often a struggle to find the time to make healthy, nutritious meals packed with flavour and goodness. A premium meal replacement is an ideal solution in order to save time cooking, cleaning up, counting calories and prepping food, but still allowing us to have a tasty and nutritious meal. However, until now, there hasn’t been a ‘complete’ meal offering. vybey is the only British ready-to-drink meal product that contains a balanced amount of protein, complex carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals and fibre as suggested in The UK Government and NHS Guidelines5

As you can see, vybey is much more than your typical ‘weight loss, meal replacement drink’. It is a nutrient packed, complete meal in a bottle that saves time and money for consumers ranging from busy, young professionals short of time to on-the-go parents. Whoever you are, vybey is definitely for you


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